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Providing Integrated Customized Energy Services Budget Solutions since 1999
                           Believe It! Transforming Energy Service Budget Control into a New Profit Center
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Transforming Energy Services Budget Control into a New Profit Center

Cut Operating Costs & Increase Energy Performance Immediately 

Guaranteed To Generate Significant Cost Savings
In The First 30 days of Implementation.

We turn energy services budget control into an investment grade opportunity for your company. Since 1999, we have reduced annual energy services budgets on a continuous improvement basis through implementation of our EAP™ System. We're proud to be be an EPA Energy Star Partner since 2001.

Increasing Commercial/Industrial Energy Performance Immediately
We deal in Commercial/Industrial buildings and have a proven track record in creating a new profit center for our clients. Our company has worked with large non-for-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and large financial institutions to save them countless dollars on their energy costs. 

MC Alliance Energy Group Services

 • Energy Conservation Consultants
 • Bench Marking Specialists
 • Building Automation

 • HVAC and Lighting
 • Measurement and Verification
 • Planned Maintenance Systems

Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships Award

You can drastically lower your monthly budget through our web based monitoring service. We monitor your entire building/facility and identify ways to find you money! Utilizing our patented monitoring methods by implementing our customized energy solution we reduce your energy services budget. Our group enables monitoring so you can actually see, on the web in real time, the dollars your company is saving and could be saving. We use wireless monitoring tools so you can evaluate your energy usage at any time.

The Standards that we follow as outlined by the Energy Star Building.

Contact us in Bohemia, New York, for our proven track
record in energy budget savings and conservation.