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Providing Integrated Customized Energy Services Budget Solutions since 1999
                           Believe It! Transforming Energy Service Budget Control into a New Profit Center
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Performance Guarantee: Our performance guarantee is simple. If at anytime during the first year you are not completely satisfied with the EAP System Energy Expert Module we will remove our monitoring equipment and refund 50% of fee paid, no questions asked. Furthermore, if decreased ownership cost is not, at least,double the fee paid at the end of third year, The M.C. Alliance  Energy Group will continue to implement The EAPsm System Energy Expert Module for you at no additional cost until your investment has been recouped by a factor of two (2)!      It is that simple.

Providing an Integrated Customized Energy Services Solution

Believe It, Transforming Energy Services Budget Control Into a New Profit Center

Business Description:

The M.C. Alliance Energy Group Inc. (MCAEG) has been transforming Energy Services Budget Control into an investment grade opportunity for it’s clients since 1999.  We have been an EPA ENERGY STAR Partner since 2001.  As an EPA Energy Star partner, MCAEG has developed tools and resources that will identify and quantify the value of improved energy system performance and its direct impact on profitability.

The Company’s registered-pending EAPSM System (Energy Awareness Program) is an Integrated Customized Energy Services Solution.  Based on past performance the Company believes it has uncovered an untapped segment of the multi-billion dollar conservation market.


MCAEG is a team of expert energy services consultants and engineers.  By strategically partnering with skilled professionals from every discipline, MCAEG provides the clients with a level of service and experience second to none in the energy services industry.  MCAEG addresses all aspects of energy service within the facility from complete energy benchmarking to a host of custom projects, to meet the client’s specific energy services needs. 

Target Markets:

MCAEG serves the commercial building market segment for companies that spend more than $50,000 in annual energy costs.


Our mission is to be a recognized leader in the Green Movement by establishing the gold standard for energy conservation measurement and verification, making the world a greener place one building at a time. Success will be measured by our clients choosing us because of their confidence in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations of price, service, and expertise.

To show the EAPSM System will not only reduce energy budgets but also reduces Carbon Dioxide and Sulfur Dioxide bringing our clients to the forefront of the Green movement. 

“Making The World a Greener  Place One Building at a Time SM

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