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Providing Integrated Customized Energy Services Budget Solutions since 1999
                           Believe It! Transforming Energy Service Budget Control into a New Profit Center
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Real Time Energy Monitoring for Commercial/Industrial Buildings

Technology, Integrated With Wisdom….Built on Experience Since 1999

 As building information is becoming more available than ever, it is critical to understand that information alone will not reduce energy budgets. Reducing energy usage and increasing building performance requires enhanced feedback, and well-designed programs.

Our programs successfully inform, engage, empower, and motivate building owners to acquire the knowledge necessary to implement the required changes.

Knowledge doesn't always lead to changes in behavior, however wisdom inevitably does.

Savings on Energy Costs

Our group can provide ways for you to accurately evaluate your energy budget as well as provide you with the tools necessary to keep costs down. Our credentials are second to none in the energy services industry. Moreover, we are not affiliated with any manufacturer or technology.

Benchmarking Specialists
We evaluate your current budget. We then create tasks to improve budgets on a continuous important basis.

The EAPSM System addresses all aspects of energy service including benchmarking, optimization, measurement & verification, and custom energy system upgrade projects. 

MCAEG is a team of expert energy consultants and engineers that proactively manage client energy budget challenges. MCAEG ensures that all needed  assets and resources are identified in order to successfully meet  all client expectations and ROI calculations.

Computer Modeled Energy Performance Calculations
MC Alliance Energy Group Inc. uses building modeling software, Rightsoft and Equest to model building loads, equipment selections and performance scenarios. Both Equest & Rightsoft (right-suite) programs are used by engineers are architects internationally.

MC Alliance Energy Group, Inc. energy experts accurately scope and define project visions and methodologies for the implementation of the following services:


  • Energy Services Budget Benchmarking
  • Building Energy Profile Computer Modeling
  • Measurement & Verification
  • Return On Investment Analysis 
  • Energy Systems Design, Engineering and Review  
  • HVAC & Environmental Systems Commissioning & Retro -Commissioning
  • Lighting System Assessments and Design
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Boiler Plant, Chiller & HVAC Optimization
  • Photovoltaic / Renewable Energy Applications and Design
  • Utility / Government Incentive Programs Applications
  • Project Management 
  • Planned Maintenance Systems
  • Swimming Pool Energy Recovery Systems  

M.C. Alliance Energy Group has no affiliation with any manufacturer and always recommends the most appropriate and cost effective Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) for each particular facility.   

M.C. Alliance is partnered with energy services professionals that will provide a “total solution” and a five year economic plan for your building’s energy services portfolio.

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and controls that will turn your energy costs in to savings.