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Providing Integrated Customized Energy Services Budget Solutions since 1999
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Performance Guarantee: Our performance guarantee is simple. If at anytime during the first year you are not completely satisfied with the EAP System Energy Expert Module we will remove our monitoring equipment and refund 50% of fee paid, no questions asked. Furthermore, if decreased ownership cost is not, at least,double the fee paid at the end of third year, The M.C. Alliance  Energy Group will continue to implement The EAPsm System Energy Expert Module for you at no additional cost until your investment has been recouped by a factor of two (2). It is that simple!

The MC Alliance Energy Group’s EAP program has far exceeded our expectations on every level. Their expertise in return on investment budget analysis, mechanical systems, and benchmarking,has resulted in implementation of significant sustainable Energy Conservation Measures.Completed within budget,with minimal disruption to the facility. The performance of the boilers and HVAC equipment has never been better.The projected reduction of energy usage were very accurate. We are saving a lot of money. Every commercial building in  today’s  economy  needs this program. It’s a no brainer. I look forward to working with them in the future to further increase our bottom line".

Nick DeSimone, Director of Facilities, Suffolk YJCC

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“The MC Alliance Energy Group provided a highly professional approach and Worked closely with us to systematically implement measures that successfully reduced our energy consumption not only achieving our environmental goals,   but also generating additional savings to finance further improvements. We look forward to continued collaboration and progress”
Loren Skeist, CEO Spellman High Voltage


“We’ve replaced lights and
switches; we replaced our chill water units so they run more
efficiently. We put them on controls. They were running full
time. Now they run when we tell them to run. We’re looking
at solar energy to run some of our power requirements,
we’re exploring it.”
Anthony Edelman, Bethpage Federal Credit Union
Assistant Vice President of Support Services

"The results have been staggering and continue to improve each month.When we started, it wasn't about saving money, but about getting with the times and implementing solutions that make our customers proud of doing business with us. Improving the bottom line has been an added bonus. You can't get that type of return in any bank. MC Alliance provides insight and guidance. In addition executive summary reports are provided on a periodic basis documenting the overall performance on a week to week basis".

Darren Grill, Chief Financial Officer of Regent Sports in Hauppauge